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Fun Spanish Club for Adults organized by Spanish Lessons in Surrey and run by Martha Jesty Spanish language teacher & tutor in Surrey. You will learn about Latin American and Spanish culture and language. Bring your own drinks to our monthly fun guided Spanish conversation meetings and join us if you are:

  • English speakers who are learning the language and don't have the opportunity to practice Spanish in Surrey.
  • Preparing for Spanish A level exams.
  • Willing to meet interesting and fun people with a glass of wine or any other drink.


SPANISH CLUB: meet on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month at 7pm in Chessington.

For formal Spanish lessons for your right level group or private please visit Spanish Lessons in Surrey.

Spanish Club for Adults beginners to advanced

"I have been attending the Spanish Club for around 2 years. The club attracts many different people of all age groups and abilities. The club is run in a happy and relaxed atmosphere which helps you to feel more confident about both listening and speaking in Spanish. The different ability levels mean that we can all help each other to learn and improve. Martha is always very encouraging and supportive. The games and activities that Martha devises offer great opportunities to improve and increase your vocabulary in a fun way. The presence of a variety of native Spanish and Latin American speakers has also been a great help in increasing my understanding of the spoken language and the realisation that my spoken Spanish can be understood by native speakers. This has been a great help in encouraging me to continue with my studies and to practice speaking and listening to Spanish as often as possible. Martha has recommended many tv programmes and films in Spanish to help in this which I have found very useful. I have mentioned the club to many of my friends and share posts and pages on facebook to encourage more people to join in with this great club." Janet Welsh

I am a multifaceted person, very energetic and positive with a passion to see people free from stress and worries. I live life to the full every day and see problems as opportunities to become better. I have been working with British people and expats as a Spanish language coach and life coach for more than 20 years. I love teaching Spanish and being with people and for that reason I started Spanish Club for Adults conversation classes to give opportunity to all to practice their Spanish in a fun way.

I am a member of the Chartered Institute of Linguistics CIOL and an official Examiner for the Instituto Cervantes for the DELE Exams.

See the recommendation page before you Book your visit and to become a member To know more about my Spanish bilingual cooking background, click here

Martha Jetsy Spanish Teacher

"I met Martha Jesty at an amazing Latin-inspired business event in Surbiton with great leadership exercises, great people and above all Martha going out of her way to help others grow and develop and make connections. Martha herself is energetic, passionate and effervescent, and this is channeled into her services at Spanish Lessons in Surrey and Spanish Club for Adults. She goes beyond the call of duty by leading her charity to support women in peru who are impacted by Trauma. A great voice for business in the Surbiton community." Chris Hayes, Councillor

"I welcomed the opportunity to practice my spoken Spanish over a glass (or two) of wine. Martha Jesty was on hand to answer questions on language, usage and culture. Everybody was open and really friendly despite the difference in language abilities. The games were funny and broke up the evening nicely. I look forward to the next meeting."


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