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"Made my first visit to the Spanish Club for Adults last night. Great friendly atmosphere and gave me the chance to use my limited Spanish with like-minded people who want to get talking in Spanish. Martha Jesty, the organiser, is welcoming and provides game-like input to develop Spanish skills."

Ann Davies


"Very friendly group, very inclusive to new joiners. Good fun too! Martha came up with some creative and novel approaches for the session, narrating Cinderella! Martha gave everybody the space and time to talk, and she was very encouraging. The atmosphere created give you the confidence to make mistakes and learn."

David Stafford


"Fantastic conversational classes for adults. Very creative ways of teaching methodologies. Fun over a drink at all levels. Martha is clearly very experienced and great at tips for learning. Thoroughly enjoyable."

Sima Haririan


"Es una excelente manera de practicar el español de manera fácil y con una excelente profesora y compañeros que te harán sentir como en casa. Aprendes y te diviertes a la vez."

Ydania Castillo


"I had the best time ever participating in this Spanish Club! Thanks for such a great evening with great people, drinks and laughs. I'll definitely come back".

Lorena Olea-Bouchat


"I found the Spanish Club group very friendly and approachable so will definitely come again."



"I met Martha Jesty at an amazing Latin-inspired business event in Surbiton with great leadership exercises, great people and above all Martha going out of her way to help others grow and develop and make connections. Martha herself is energetic, passionate and effervescent, and this is channeled into her services at Spanish Lessons in Surrey and Spanish Club for Adults. She goes beyond the call of duty by leading her charity to support women in peru who are impacted by Trauma. A great voice for business in the Surbiton community."

Chris Hayes, Councillor


"I welcomed the opportunity to practice my spoken Spanish over a glass (or two) of wine. Martha Jesty was on hand to answer questions on language, usage and culture. Everybody was open and really friendly despite the difference in language abilities. The games were funny and broke up the evening nicely. I look forward to the next meeting."



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