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Choose ORO or PLATINO to become an annual member for SPANISH CLUB FOR ADULTS group conversation classes with a glass (see great benefits below).
For more information about this Spanish club or to book your next visit paying at the door, please send your REQUEST FORM here







“I was pleasantly surprised by the intermediate/advanced Spanish conversation club for adults group yesterday. it was a relaxed evening with drinks and background of Latino music. The evening involved each of us making an introduction to the group about ourselves in Spanish. Following that, there was a very informative cultural and geographic briefing in Spanish about Latin America, their country’s capital cities, and their indigenous languages spoken, and a group test where we had to all mark each other’s homework. Following this there was some more detailed discussion about the challenges of the destruction of the rainforest, the drug production supply chain and issues destroying society, but being for some people the only solution to survive. Finally, the discussion landed up where the group shared some wonderful experiences and beautiful places to visit in Peru, including Cuzco, Aguas Calientes and one of the stunning 7 wonders of the world Macchu Picchu. The whole discussion took place in Spanish and was hugely educational and I learned a whole lot of new vocabulary. The evening got me totally immersed back into speaking Spanish and feeling more confident in the language just great practice ready for my holiday in Fuengirola in the next couple of weeks. Would really recommend!”   Gabriel Swift

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