Practice Spanish in Chessington, Surrey


Fun Spanish Club for Adults organized by Spanish Lessons in Surrey and run by Martha Jesty Spanish language teacher & tutor in Surrey. You will learn about Latin American and Spanish culture and language. Bring your own drinks to our monthly evening meetings and join us if you are:

  • an English speakers who is learning the language and you don't have opportunities to practice Spanish in Surrey.
  • Spanish learners from advanced beginners level to upper intermediate and advanced levels.
  • preparing for Spanish A level exams.
  • willing to meet interesting and fun people with a glass of wine.

SPANISH BEGINNERS CLUB: meets on the FIRST FRIDAY of the month at 8pm in Chessington.


SPANISH ADVANCED CLUB: meets on the SECOND THURSDAY, at 8pm in Chessington.


For formal Spanish lessons for your right level group or private please visit Spanish Lessons in Surrey

Spanish Club for Adults beginners to upper intermediate level

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