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Practise Spanish in Surrey

Suitable for beginngers to advanced

Spanish Club for Adults is organsied by Spanish Lessons in Surrey owned by Martha Jesty Spanish teacher, based in Surrey. Fun conversation meetings with a glass face to face in Chessington, Surrey or online according to Government recommendations.


Participants meet on The SECOND THURSDAY of the month at 8.00pm cost per visit is £10.00 (at the door).

Join the Facebook Group for Spanish ADVANCED CLUB here.


Participants meet the FIRST FRIDAY

of each month at 8.00pm cost per visit is £10.00 (at the door).

Join the Facebook Group for Spanish BEGINNERS CLUB here.

YEARLY MEMBERSHIP is available for both clubs


"I have been attending Spanish Club for Adults with my wife for a couple of years now. The club is great fun and I have found it really useful in improving my command on the Spanish language. The people attending the club vary greatly both in age and in ability levels. I have found this really helpful as the group as a whole help and encourage each other which increases your confidence when speaking and listening. Martha has the ability to support and encourage everyone creating an enjoyable, relaxed atmosphere where learning is fun. The games and activities she introduces in the sessions really make you think about the language and help to increase your vocabulary. Martha also explains a lot about the different cultures in Spain and Latin America, differences in outlook and vocabulary. Several people attend the club from Latin America and I have really enjoyed interacting with them, learning about their countries and finding that I can make myself understood. It is really pleasing to be able to hold a conversation in Spanish and feel relaxed while doing so."

Roger Welsh

"My first impressions of the Spanish club for adults were that the group was a very nice mixture of people from different age groups and backgrounds but all sharing a desire to learn and improve speaking in Spanish. I felt very welcome and encouraged by everyone present and so felt confident enough to try to express myself in Spanish. I think that the activities that Martha Jesty planned were very good at getting everyone involved. Martha made sure that everyone answered the questions in Spanish. I found them very useful as they got me out of my ‘comfort zone’ and made me really concentrate. I found that listening to other people answer the questions made me want to talk too." Finn Lewis
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